Over the years more than a few professional cyclists have ridden Panasonic bicycles. Panasonic DID have a professional cycling team for a while so that would naturally account for their bicycles being ridden by pro cyclists.

In early December of 2012 I spotted a rather obscure text-only ad on a southern California Craigslist offering a Panasonic Team bike for sale. I had suspected it was another 1985 Panasonic Team since I see a fair number of them offered for sale around the country. I asked the seller for photos in order to see what he had on his hands and was more than a little shocked at what I got in response. The bike was a Team Custom PICS frame with full Dura Ace. Most unexpected!

As for the name on the top tube, when I bought the bike I though it might have been possible that this bike was once owned by the famous French rider, Phillepe Lauraire who rode professionally from 1983 until the early 90’s. I had remembered his name from my childhood and for some reason associated him with a more famous rider by the name of Stephen Roche who happened to win the 1987 Tour de France. Lauraire was a domestique for Roche on Team Fagor and rode in the Tour three times. Certainly a more impressive cycling career than my own! (continued below photos)