Pre-owned Panasonic bikes found on the market on 4/8/13.


Finally, we’ll include “the one that got away”.  It looks like someone scored the PAIR of bikes below for a mere $100 or perhaps even less.  The DX-4000 sounds like an ’87 or ’88 model based on the white color description.  My guess would be that I’ll see it re-listed soon in the hands of a bike flipper.  Keep watching our On The Market updates as we’ll be sure to point it out if we see it surface again.

two 12 speed road bikes (merrimack) $100
from NH new hampshire – Panasonic
20 years old. white 12 speed panasonic is a DX 4000 top of frame is 30.25″ from ground ….red (14 speed) bike is a centurion momentum diamond back top of frame is 29.5″ from ground. $100 for the pair. both have been in storage for 15 years…red one […]