What is it worth?

What is my bike worth? This is a common question among Panasonic owners who ponder selling the old bike that has been hanging in the attic or garage. It is also a question asked by those looking to purchase a Panasonic or value one for insurance purposes.

So what is a Panasonic road bike worth?

To be honest, without some detailed information and photos it is often pointless to even guess. As a general rule, a really nice condition DX-1000 or Sport 500, Sport DX model should bring no more than $160. They didn’t sell for much more than that when new anyway.  The Villager and Tourist models are also at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of value.

The mid-level bikes such as DX-2000, DX-3000, and Team should bring between $150 and $340 depending upon year and condition.

The best bikes to look for in my opinion are the DX-4000 and DX-5000 models. They typically had lightweight Tange 1 or Prestige tubing with Shimano 105 or 600 components and they make excellent and reliable riders. I’ve seen them sell anywhere between $160 and $450. They remain some of the best values in the market.

At the upper end of the spectrum you have the unicorn bikes such as the Team Europe, Team America, Team Japan, Titainium, and PICS bikes. If you have spent some time browsing this site you’ll likely know why I refer to them as the unicorn bikes. In a nutshell, these bikes represented Panasonic’s upper end road bikes. Typically built with Tange Prestige or Columbus SL/SP tubing and Campagnolo Record or Dura Ace components. They were very high quality and when new offered fantastic value for the money when compared to the well established European brand bicycles. They were often shunned by cycling elitists in the day but the build quality was often as good or better than the European competition. Expect to pay $350 to $800 (or more) for one of these top end bikes. Obviously, a bike at the top of that price range better be in nearly new condition… no restoration needed.