I’m certainly not a walking encyclopedia when it comes to vintage Panasonic bicycles. While I do have some recollection of many models in the 80’s, I do have to turn to others to help me fill in the blanks from time to time.

I would like to thank the following individuals for providing me with information or photos.

Historic Information Acquisition or Consulting
Andrew Muzi of Yellow Jersey in Madison, Wisconsin.
Steve Duregger and Russell Rayburn of Lakeside Cyclery in Clear Lake, Iowa.
Norman Halperin, Former National Sales Manager, Panasonic Bicycles USA
Jeff Archer of First Flight Bicycles in Statesville, North Carolina.

Catalog & Magazine Scans and Contributions
1977 Panasonic Bicycles Catalog : Tom Fritts
1979 Panasonic Bicycles Catalog : Norman Halperin
1980 Panasonic Bicycles Catalog : Norman Halperin
1981 Panasonic Bicycles Catalog : Norman Halperin
1982 Panasonic Bictalog : Norman Halperin
1986 Panasonic Bicycles Catycles Catalog : Norman Halperin
1983 Panasonic Bicycles Catalog : Norman Halperin
1984 Panasonic Bicycles Catallog : John Morales
1987 Panasonic Bicycles Catalog : Norman Halperin
1985 Panasonic Bicycles Catalog : Matthew Marine
1987 Panasonic DX-6000 Article : Unknown
1988 Panasonic Bicycles Catalog : Jeffrey Miller
1988 Panasonic PICS Team America Article : Unknown
1989 Panasonic Bicycles Catalog : Darin Nederhoff
1989 Panasonic Bicycles EU Catalog : Melvin
1989 Panasonic PICS catalog : Darin Nederhoff
1991 Panasonic Bicycles EU Catalog: Melvin
1993 Panasonic Bicycles EU Catalog: Melvin
1995 Panasonic Bicycles EU Catalog: Melvin

Featured Bicycle Owners
1977 Panasonic Sport Deluxe : Tom Fritts
1982 Panasonic AR-6000 : Robin Bennett
1983 Panasonic DX-4000 : Mani Sarathy
1983 Panasonic PT-5000 : John Hollosy (sold bike)
1983 Panasonic AR-6000 : Darin Nederhoff
1984 Panasonic DX-4000 : Darin Nederhoff
1985 Panasonic Team : Darin Nederhoff
1985 Panasonic Team Europe II : George Evans
1985 Panasonic DX-4000 : Grant Irvine
1985 Panasonic DX-3000 : Parker
1986 Panasonic Team America : Darin Nederhoff
1986 Panasonic Team Japan : Darin Nederhoff
1986 Panasonic Team Europe II : Ed V.
1986 Panasonic DX-3000 : Jeff W.
1986 Panasonic DX-5000 : Anthony M.Cindrich
1987 Panasonic DX-2000 : Fred Appel
1987 Panasonic DX-3000 ROW : Lako Pali
1987 Panasonic DX-4000 : Ryan (last name withheld)
1987 Panasonic DX-5000 : Junee V. and Mike A.
1987 Panasonic MC-6500 : Darin Nederhoff
1987 Panasonic Team Time Trial : Dave Hickey
1988 Panasonic DX-2000 : Anonymous
1988 Panasonic DX-4000 : Stan Nederhoff
1988 Panasonic DX-5000 : Darin Nederhoff
1988 Panasonic MC-5500 : Darin Nederhoff
1988 Panasonic MC-7500 : T. D., formerly David Stone (orig owner)
1989 Panasonic DX-1000 : Melissa B. (orig owner)
1989 Panasonic DX-5000 : Robert Mays (pending)
1989 Panasonic Titanium : “Thunder82”
1989 Panasonic P.I.C.S. Team 1200 Custom : Jared
1989 Panasonic P.I.C.S. Team Custom : Sheryl
1991 Panasonic MC Comp : Melvin
199? Panasonic PR-6000 : Melvin
199? Panasonic PR-6000 project : Darin Nederhoff

Other Photos
Random images on this web site were spotted on ebay and/or Craigslist. We make every effort to email the owner and ask for permission prior to posting photos, but with that said there are a few bicycle photos on this web site from my personal web photo archives and I have no idea who the owner is. In the event you see your bike on this site and would like to be named within the photo credits or have your photos removed you can email zeringer@hotmail.com . We do hope there is no objection to the use of a few random images for historical/informational purposes.