The DX-3000 would sort of rise and fall in terms of frame material and components depending upon where Panasonic slotted it into their model mix. I see a fair number of these for sale on Craigslist and ebay and the prices are pretty reasonable which makes them a good entry point for riders in search of a solid mid-level Panasonic bike.

1980 – The Deluxe 3000 is “born”. Built with 4130 Cr-Mo double butted tubes and using Shimano 600 EX. It was basically the 2nd from the top that year after the Professional 7000 and a solid buy in terms of future collector status.

1981 – The Deluxe 3000 falls to 3rd fiddle after the DX-4000 is introduced (also behind the Pro 7000). It has 4130 tubing and Shimano Altus components.

1982 – The Deluxe 3000 slips into 4th spot thanks to the Aero 6000 introduction. Cr-Mo tubes, and Shimano Deore.

1983 – Still in 4th place pretty much the same as previous year for tubes and Deore.

1984 – Elvis is dead, and so was the DX-3000. Gonzo! *A moment of silence*

1985 – The DX-3000 returns with Tange 900 tubing and Shimano 105. Nice return. Quite classy looking as well.

1986 – The iconic DX-3000 for many. The parts may have been a bit mix-and-match but the bold yellow and black colors really made this one appealing for many. Parts were mid grade Shimano along with an SR crank so nothing exotic. Despite being a mid-level ride, the ’86 DX-3000 remains high on my “gotta own one” list for collectors.

1987 – DX-3000 in a nice yellow/black fade paint with Tange Champion #2. Goofy component mix though. Much like the eclectic mix found on the ’85 Team. Shimano L525 SIS RD, B126 crank… goofy stuff. DX-6000 was top that year but the Team America and Team National were top dogs.

1988 – DX-3000 has Tange 2 and mostly Shimano 105. Pretty nice ride once again. The only downfall these days is that the color scheme is a bit too 80’s for some tastes. They sold well in ’88 and thus are a fairly common sight on Craigslist and other venues these days. Great affordable DX series ride with most being under $250.

1989 – Final year in the U.S. and 4th from the top of DX line. Tange Cr-Mo Tripple butted, Shimano Exage. Very classic and conservative color scheme on U.S. models.