What Can I say, when I came across this rough gem, as the saying goes, “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”, I couldn’t resist on taking the challenge of bringing this bike as Darin called it, “Panasonic Mutt”, and turning it into a prized contender. It is currently a work in progress indeed, combining time and funds, this “Mutt”, should be ready to ride soon!

Before Picture shown with 27 chrome fork, 27 inch wheels, mixed match brakes, Custom handle bar, dia compe non-aero brake levers, Suntour X-1 mtb front derailleur, Exage rear derailleur and plastic pedals.
Only original component is the Shimano 600 Ultegra Bio-Pace Crankset.

So far I have accumulated plenty of parts to piece together and soon will present to my “Panasonic Mutt”.

Thank you Darin, for the knowledge and encouragement in bringing this Panasonic back to its former Glory.

After pictures coming soon with Shimano Dura Ace / 600 Ultegra Components. I’m doing my best attempt to go all Dura Ace, but that requires deep deep pockets.. so little by little moving towards that. haha

Owner:  @JimSaravia