Back in 1985, the DX-4000 was the top model in the DX line up. By 1986 through 1988, the DX-4000 was down a notch behind the DX-5000 and DX-6000 model in 1987. With that said, the 1988 DX-4000 is by no means a cheap bicycle. For 1988 the DX-6000 model was eliminated which made the DX-4000 number two in the DX lineup once again. It featured Tange 1 tubing and a full Shimano 105 SC component group and nice Araya wheels. Sure, the paint scheme is a bit Miami Vice by today’s standards but retro is cool once again so they may be back en vogue somewhat. The ’88 DX-4000 was likely the best mix of price, performance, and components available that year.